Winter Haven PD offers tips on internet purchase exchange location


They say the fine region to meet is at a regulation enforcement corporation.

The Winter Haven Police Department lobby is open Monday – Friday from eight a.M. To 5 p.M. If you plan on assembling someone there, police say you do not allow the branch to recognize ahead of time — and after you arrive, you may pass within the foyer or live inside the parking zone.

Police also warn that if a customer or seller is hesitant to fulfill you at a regulation enforcement place, then that must ship up purple flags.

“With all the internet forums citizens can pick from to either sell or purchase gadgets, all of us have to be extremely diligent while conducting the transaction.” — Winter Haven Police Department.

Here are some guidelines from officials to keep in mind:

1) If it sounds too desirable to be genuine, properly, it likely is. (That iPhone X being bought for $250 probably isn’t official. Buyer, watch out!)

(How awful do you really want to sell that object? Is it really worth the risk of going somewhere you do not know? We challenge to say NO!) 2) Never agree to fulfill a purchaser who wishes you to visit a location you aren’t familiar with.

three) Always tell a family member or buddy when and where you intend to satisfy someone for the transaction. (Call them as you drive up and be on the smartphone while you first come upon the opposite character. Give a short description on the side of the car – just in case.)

four) Beware whilst someone wants to “preserve” the item you are selling for nearer inspection. (If they do, well, you already know the risk you run.)

five) Meeting at night is in no way a great concept. (If a person is unwilling to meet all through the day for the transaction, that should ship your “spidey experience” into overdrive.)

6) Consider taking someone with you to the transaction. (Two units of eyes are higher than one, right?)

7) Refer to our first bit of recommendation – best meet at a neighborhood regulation enforcement assets. They typically are below video surveillance, and there’s consistent activity. (If you cannot agree on that region, reconsider the transaction.)

“We want all residents to be clever and safe when making any transaction with an individual they met on the net. These are super methods to get a good buy. However, safety needs to be first!”– Winter Haven Police Department.

Used ebook exchanges are an excellent manner to share facts in the nearby network. Planning the details of the e-book trade in writing is important. Simply winging it may create useless problems and prices. Giving the e-book alternate some structure will help define the book club’s dreams. Here are some suggestions on the way to start a used ebook change.

Written Plan

Write an assertion or purpose that discloses the dreams and purpose of the ebook change. Decide who the e-book exchange is for. Is the e-book trade public or private? Established corporations can create an ebook club to allow participants and their households to participate. Examples of established businesses are schools, clubs, religious businesses, and a selected home proprietor affiliation member.

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If the alternative is open to anyone? Think about which individuals of the community may be most likely to respond to this invitation. Start with flyers in e-book stores, coffee shops, university dorms, libraries, and nearby companies. Will the trade be absolutely in individual, online, or each?


The creator of the exchange is in charge. It is as much as the writer to decide if all books are time-honored or caters to a specific kind. This can be sci-fi, romance, historical romance, thriller, thriller, non-fiction, self-help, nonsecular, interest, or how-to books.


Know precisely what the expenses are to run the used ebook alternate. Several nearby corporations will agree to save the books and host meetings without spending a dime. Some places may be capable of accommodating a vast variety of guests and provide refreshments for a flat fee in step with the event. Established agencies may also already have to get entry to one or greater regions to host change participants. Many buffet eating places have personal rooms to be had by agencies. The management might also supply a collection cut price if the event is held on a positive day of the week while commercial enterprise is commonly sluggish.

Low Budget

If there are limited finances and no venues are inclined to host without cost, attempt other options. Consider booking a room in a local community center, community espresso residence, or public library. Go to the Chamber of Commerce and ask for a listing of venues that have very inexpensive rental rates.

Visit multiple regions to discover the pleasant area to maintain the change. The book alternate may be at a special public area every month. It will be held at an exclusive member’s domestic every month. Become creative if there may be no investment for the hosting of book trade activities.


How will extra books be saved? The ebook trade is based on the concept that one or extra books can be traded for another book. This idea will not stop humans from bringing more than one book. Established businesses might also donate loads of books to the e-book alternate.

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Book Storage

Decide earlier exactly how more books may be cared for. Ensure that the garage conditions are conducive to now not destroying the books. Leaving the books in an opened bag or unsealed bin may additionally reason harm if something is spilled by chance or there’s an excessive amount of moisture in the air.

Annual Sale

When there are too many books for any individual member to shop effectively, will there be a book sale? This opens to the general public sale can help attract new participants and provide profits. These profits can be used for a special event or to feature a couple of copies of a positive ebook for an ebook membership or further discussion. The cash raised can assist in offset prices for ebook exchange occasions. Decide in advance if the e-book exchange is for earnings or non-earnings. Profits remodeled a certain quantity may additionally need to be deposited into an account within the Book Exchange name. Contact an accountant or attorney to assist in putting in place a felony shape.

Online Presence

Create an online presence via setting up a blog and social networking account. The weblog shall we the public realize whilst the trade is held, and how donations are common. Use Twitter to replace the public with the latest activities, blog posts, and ebook requests. Log onto social networking websites and put out a few exclusive friend requests every day with humans who have comparable interests. These are the hobbies that might be in alignment with the written reason for the change. Create an e-mail deal to receive all incoming inquiries. Purchase a website name, so the weblog and e-mail deal appear professional. There is a software program to be had to permit registered users to trade books over the internet.