Think Tank: Global Fashion Eyes Beauty to Source Talent


Amazon currently introduced that the previous leader government officer of Victoria’s Secret Beauty, Christine Beauchamp, could head the organization’s style department. The high-profile rent comes on the heels of Ralph Lauren’s recent appointment of Patrice Louvet, a Procter & Gamble veteran who maximum lately oversaw the company’s worldwide beauty business, to the publishing of CEO.

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The moves signal growing demand for a diverse set of competencies within both fashion and beauty industries as manufacturers look to innovate via non-conventional hires. Beauchamp additionally held senior positions with style manufacturers inclusive of Ann Taylor and the Ralph Lauren Group. Louvet spent a long time leading diverse CPG manufacturers at P&G, together with Gillette.

With nicely-installed companies like Sephora, Estée Lauder and Ulta showing endured increase and new manufacturers like Supergoop gaining traction no matter a saturated market, beauty is a developing hotbed of progressive advertising knowledge. Global fashion homes are an increasing number of crossing the line to beauty to perceive and recruit new skills — in particular people with virtual and/or retail know-how.


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In a similar manner, splendor brands are tapping fashion talent for understanding in vending, creating preference via a product-centric method, and using pass-collaborations with creative and business. Deborah Yeh, the senior VP of brand and advertising at Sephora who joined from Gap, is one instance. Greg Unis, previously of Coach Inc., who became currently chosen to go up Victoria’s Secret beauty division, is any other.

Here are the competencies that beauty skills can deliver to style:

Creating an Experience

Unlike in style, in beauty, products do now not sell themselves. They frequently require a patron to have interaction with the product to make the sale. Consider customer preferred Sephora, or maximum any branch shop counter in which sales workforce engages with clients thru samples or exclusive palms-on processes. While style retailers communicate approximately this idea, this sort of “experiential” shopping is a fundamental a part of the tradition of splendor companies.

Leveraging this concept in the style enterprise can be a sports changer for many brands, and create an awesome difference for consumers in how they connect, have interaction and buy the emblem in-keep versus online.

Leveraging Consumer Insights

In the beauty industry, understanding the client is the maximum important element of building a success dating that drives sales. Beauty corporations have grown to be masters in connecting with consumers, whether via an immersive, in-keep surroundings, through social media or online, beauty brands have especially a success CRM structures operating to recognize what motivates purchase engagement.

Further, by using segmenting and concentrated on high-boom categories like Millennials or Generation Z, splendor companies understand how to distinguish and the message to reach essential, but smaller sub-segments across the customer base.

Tapping a Deeper Skill Set

In conventional fashion corporations, executives build their careers within one useful location of understanding, leaving them unwell organized for senior control positions that require a broader perspective. Conversely, executives coming from the beauty industry convey with them a much greater diverse set of skills. While education packages have in large part long gone with the aid of the wayside in fashion, in beauty, corporations like L’Oréal nevertheless trust in rotating executives each two to three years via numerous capabilities and geographies. This, in turn, develops an average control skill set and larger-photograph, the worldwide point of view important for main a growing brand.

Fashion and beauty organizations have long had a differentiated method to marketing, customer engagement, and leadership. However, inside the digital age where every enterprise in every enterprise wishes to be agile, modern and forward-questioning to not only compete, however, to stay alive, sharing quality practices thru skills may be one of the maximum effect, effective methods to ensure fulfillment.