Sony XB950B1 wi-fi headphones assessment


The reputation of Beats headphones has gotten quite a few people into bass heavy sound. But even earlier than Beats existed, Sony had a bass fetish. Going all the manner lower back to the days of the cassette Walkmans, folks that had one will know approximately the existence of this little transfer called MEGABASS, which became like a nitro raise in your track.

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But the ninety’s are over, and increasingly human beings are being brought to excessive fidelity- excessive resolution song this is more about staying actual to what the artist supposed than wavy equalizer curve music. But Sony hasn’t but gotten over its fondness for huge bass and actually has a whole collection of audio merchandise designed around simply having masses and plenty of basses.


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The Sony XB950B1 is considered one of them. Part of the EXTRA BASS collection, the XB950B1 is pair wireless Bluetooth headphones that have an entire button at the side simply to show the bass up even in addition.

The layout of the XB950B1 is much like a number of Sony’s current headphones. It has a prominent extensive scarf design with perfectly circular ear cups that is a not unusual layout characteristic of many of Sony’s headphones. The color scheme is overwhelmingly black however with some uncovered steel at the top of the headscarf and crimson accents around the ear cups that look perfectly encapsulates Sony’s understated yet elegant layout language. If you like something vibrant, however, they do are available an all-crimson and all-blue version.

Even even though the ear cups are flawlessly round from the outside, the froth padding has oval cutouts for the ears. The leatherette earpads have thick padding and completely surrounds your ears. The padding isn’t very breathable, so count on things to heat up all through the summer time.

The earcups have controls on either aspect. The left facet has the strength button, bass effect button, microUSB for charging and a headphone jack for wired audio. On the right side are controls for playback and a quantity manage. All the controls are well laid out, easy to use, and paintings well.

The right earcup also homes the NFC sensor, which may be used to quickly pair your Android smartphone.

The XB950B1 is a comfy pair of headphones. The earcups can get stuffy in warm climate however aside from that they aren’t too heavy and no longer a whole lot of a trouble while sitting around your noggin. It’s simply that the earcups are a bit too thick, and stick out a good two inches out from the side of your head, which doesn’t appear all that fantastic while on foot around with these in public.

The XB950B1 are also compatible with Sony’s Headphones Connect app, which helps you to manage the extent of bass raise in conjunction with the surround sound effects. The app is to be had for iOS and Android, but in case you plan to apply the headphones with a laptop or something just like the Apple TV, then you definitely are out of good fortune.

Listening to the XB950B1 for the primary time with the bass effect on maximum is like paying attention to a celebration occurring at your neighbor’s residence. All you may listen is the bass pounding in your ears and not a whole lot else. There is not plenty weight to the mids, and the highs aren’t actually there at all.

Turning off the bass impact does deliver the low give up all the way down to greater practical levels. This is whilst you realize that the mids and highs weren’t certainly getting overshadowed with the aid of the bass before, because they may be simply horrific in preferred. Even with the bass impact grew to become off the sound is like having treacle for your ears, and not in an amazing way (if there even is a superb manner). Imagine if one day all at once your lossless FLAC documents have been replaced with 64kbps MP3 documents and you’d know what the sound great is virtually like.

The bass is the highlight right here, however, there’s not anything in particular proper approximately it. It’s lumpy while the bass effect grows to become off, and whilst on it’s simply mind-numbingly overpowering. It’s definitely just tiring to concentrate to for extra than a couple of minutes.

The Headphones Connect app does help here a chunk. While the switch on the headphones will most effective flip the bass all of the manner up or turn it off entirely, the app helps you to dial in the quantity of bass you need. It even lets you take it down below 0 for even less bass. Unfortunately, even as that does assist remedy the bass trouble, it brings your interest extra to the mids and highs, or as a substitute the dearth thereof.

The only style of tune those headphones rather work with is trance, or even then it left me wanting for more. All the alternative genres just make it fall flat on its face as the sound processing simply does no longer have what it takes do justice to the one’s genres. There isn’t any clarity, no detail, and no finesse to the sound. The stereo imaging and soundstage are so poor the headphones almost sound monophonic. Most of the audio simply appears like strapping two subwoofers to your skull. For something purpose, more bass has come on the price of other frequencies. We wish it may just be a properly-rounded sound in conjunction with some more bass.

The Sony XB950B1 is a superb searching, well-constructed, comfy pair of wireless headphones that are no longer too costly either. Unfortunately, it lacks where it subjects most, and this is sound satisfactory. When it involves its mainstream audio merchandise, Sony has a severely distorted view of what counts as proper audio great and that shows itself again inside the XB950B1. Despite its wealthy background in audio products, Sony has decided to provide it all up and attention on making Beats knockoffs.

If you like steady bass pounding with little or no of something else, then I assume the XB950B1 might give you the results you want. People with higher flavor in sound will have to appear somewhere else.