Real-time mobile control


IT directors can get a better handle on cellular control with help from a brand new solution that analyzes behavior, place, usage, security and connectivity information and creates visualizations in real time.

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Available as a software program-as-a-carrier or on-premise solution, NetMotion Software’s Mobile IQ takes data gathered on Wi-Fi and cellular networks by means of the agency’s Diagnostics tool and makes use of Splunk’s visualization technology to translate the records into digestible bar charts, graphs, and maps. Users can customize those visualizations in addition to create electronic mail and text alerts keyed to person-described metrics.

Although there has been price in the statistics amassed by way of Diagnostics, there was no clean way “to investigate that records and apprehend how to take suitable moves or measures to better manage” the employees and their devices, John Knopf, NetMotion’s VP of merchandise, stated.

Announced May sixteen, Mobile IQ becomes beta examined with government users, however, they had been unavailable to remark due to the answer’s newness.

Mobile IQ collects statistics from all NetMotion-enabled devices strolling common mobile running systems, inclusive of Android, Mac OS, iOS, and Windows. The software sits in the background, unknown to maximum cellular device customers, inclusive of patrol officers or social employees inside the discipline. IT directors at headquarters are the lively users.


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“They’re the ones that would be activated the usage of our software program both in terms of the collection of data that our Diagnostics software program is doing on that mobile device as that patrol officer drives around over the direction of their day,” stated Lee Johnson, NetMotion’s marketing director.

The customization is fundamental, Knopf said, due to the fact not all governments have the equal desires for mobile people. For example, an organization in a massive Northeastern city wishes to realize that when police officers go to a scene, they’ll have wi-fi coverage, Knopf stated. Using NetMotion’s software, IT directors can pull up ancient information on that place to decide what connectivity there was like within the past.

Another patron desired to enable patrol officers to apply a community’s Wi-Fi networks but had worries approximately security, Johnson said. Mobile IQ let administrators see the hotspots to which the officials’ devices were connecting and determine whether they had been secure.

Mobile IQ can generate a gadget summary dashboard, which affords info on the connectivity and security popularity of a mobile deployment; diagnostic reports, which let customers look for problems’ root causes; Wi-Fi safety dashboards; wi-fi extensive-region network dashboards, which presents visibility past the firewall; and device dashboards, which allow directors song statistics utilization, device states and places, and other operational metrics.

Users can also set up indicators based totally on maximum something, Knopf said, consisting of when some thing goes underneath or over a threshold or a fashion indicating an extraordinary exchange.

Mobile IQ can speed the assist table’s response time, making employees inside the area extra productive, Knopf stated. For instance, whilst consumer contacts the IT branch to say a device isn’t always connecting, the administrator can get the statistics from the tool the use of Mobile IQ and immediately see what asset is affected, the way it’s configured, how it’s used and what the trouble is. Previously, the consumer might have had to bring the tool in for diagnostics — a procedure that could have taken days, Knopf said.

“Return on investment could be very an awful lot associated with how quick we can resolve incidents out in the field and get people lower back and efficient once more,” he stated.

Mobile IQ also eases one in every of the most important troubles that authorities organizations face: misplaced gadgets. “One of the most not unusual matters that we see across all industries is they have those cellular assets — laptops, handheld drugs, telephones — which might be related and feature energetic software on them, and they wander off,” Knopf stated. With Mobile IQ, directors can perceive whilst and wherein the device became remaining heard from.

What’s extra, it gives managers visibility into which users aren’t the use of their gadgets sufficient or nicely. That data can tell selections to either decommission the tool or redeploy it, saving the organization cash, Johnson brought.