Nas Daily blogger says ‘no regrets’ about travel videos on Singapore as he bids goodbye to fans


SINGAPORE – Popular video blogger Nuseir Yassin, higher called the author of Nas Daily, stated goodbye to lovers in Singapore a few days early on Sunday afternoon (Sept 2).

More than 700 human beings turned up for a farewell meet-up at Mediacorp’s MES Theatre near One-North for the 26-year-old, who’s famous for the only-minute journey videos he produces on his Facebook channel.

Speaking to The Straits Times after the two-hour occasion, Mr. Yassin said that the phrase he would use to explain Singapore is “amusing,” adding that the united states of America made him feel he could live right here and belong.

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“I changed into pretty anxious coming to Singapore in the beginning due to the fact I idea I might run out of thoughts… I was a dumb traveler, only knew it turned into a finance hub, and failed to recognize something about the locals. But Singapore completely modified my mind,” he stated.

He brought that he had 0 regrets and changed into proud approximately the paintings he had performed in Singapore, pointing out that not just any TV channel or vacationer should have carried it out.

“To seize what matters to Singaporeans, to us, to humans outside, and to reflect the local reality to those who don’t live right here, it truly is a difficult undertaking. This is why I like what we do.”

The vlogger enlisted the target market’s help at Sunday’s amassing to pitch new ideas for every other video on Singapore. Ideas that have been raised by using the target audience blanketed the use of Singlish, ministerial pay, and homosexual rights.

Nas Daily creator Nuseir Yassin’s farewell meetup with Singapore fanatics

Since arriving, Mr. Yassin has been producing several movies on Singapore, consisting of its waste control device and the lives of ordinary Singaporeans (“Crazy Poor Asians”). His motion pictures approximately the metropolis-nation have racked up extra than forty million perspectives in total since the first one become published on Facebook on Aug 23 and were shared extensively by locals and international followers alike.

On Sunday, over half of the target market on the meet-up indicated that they were also at the primary meet-up with Mr. Yassin’s final week and Mr. Amin Mas, 34, from Sri Lanka.

The Aug 22 occasion at the Singapore Sports Hub drew over seven hundred human beings on an afternoon’s notice.

Mr. Amin stated of Mr. Yassin: “I discover his videos very academic. For instance, despite having lived and worked here for greater than seven years, I did not recognise approximately Singapore’s landfill system before he did a video on it.”

Singaporean fan Olivia Ong stated that she has watched Nas Daily movies over the years and respects the willpower and effort Mr. Yassin places into his clips.

“I felt the Singapore videos were quite correct, even though the only on ‘Crazy Poor Asians’ probable overcompensated a piece and made the common Singaporean appear a bit poorer than we honestly are,” said the 26-year-old enterprise analyst.

Mr. Yassin discovered to fanatics that the next video would be about Newater, Singapore’s logo of recycled water, and joked about the degree that he ought to be getting paid for it.

ST pronounced on Friday that some netizens had accused him of being backed via the authorities here due to the in large part fantastic content of his videos. Mr. Yassin later said on Facebook that his films had been not sponsored and delivered that he felt disheartened that his works have been being discredited due to “unfounded allegations.”

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Popular travel blogger Nuseir Yassin desired to the cognizance of the high-quality and showcased the exceptional of the world “because mainstream media focuses ways too regularly at the poor.”
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On Sunday, Mr. Yassin informed ST that not many human beings expect someone to be superb without being paid.

“But this reflects badly on them, as opposed to on me. If you don’t suppose something is worth celebrating simply due to your political orientation, then it reflects badly on you because you can not see beyond politics,” he introduced.

Although Sunday’s event becomes supposed to be a farewell, Mr. Yassin shared that he would, in reality, be staying in Singapore for every other 3 or 4 days. His visa application to Indonesia, the next deliberate vacation spot, has been rejected.

“It’s too sensitive to admit an Israeli right now. And I’m now not only a regular vacationer, but I’m also a video blogger… I can see how my presence might get politicised.”

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Nas Daily (a Facebook celebrity with 7.8 million subscribers, including me) was denied his visa to visit Indonesia! 😱

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He said that he hopes his Singaporean fans will preserve to observe the videos even though those aren’t approximately their country.

“I desire they may nonetheless watch even supposing it’s about a place it’s 10 thousand miles away. Because as precise as Singapore is, it can be even better, and that’s what Nas Daily is set – finding the quality within the international,” he stated.