Intel, Software Multinational SAP Partner on Enterprise Blockchain Development Initiative


Intel and software multinational company SAP has introduced that they join forces to cope with “gaps within the marketplace” for answers that power agency blockchain systems, in keeping with a reputable Intel put up September 4.

Intel and SAP write that their 25-year collaboration on organization infrastructure structures has lately elevated to encompass blockchain technologies, spearheaded by using the introduction of an SAP-led global enterprise blockchain consortium.

The post outlines both corporations’ blockchain projects so far, some of which intended to make the generation interoperable with the SAP HANA Data Management System. Both organizations have worked together closely to develop.

The SAP HANA Blockchain adapter reportedly integrates with SAP’s these days launched Cloud Platform Blockchain and enables SAP clients to “eat and construct on blockchain statistics in SAP HANA the use of a SQL interface and widespread SQL instructions — both on-premise or in the cloud.”

SAP has also launched a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) at the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain, which permits customers to combine employer and blockchain facts using a pay-as-you-pass version.

Intel, for its element, highlights its processor technology that it says can provide the ability and pace to function as the inspiration for quite a several blockchain packages. It similarly claims inside the put-up that its Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) can decorate protection for blockchain source code and statistics and help “improve throughput and consensus performance.”

The put-up outlines SAP and Intel’s collaboration with different events, including UPS, Flex, and HPE, to create a blockchain-based totally deliver chain control evidence-of-idea solution dubbed International Trade.

Other saps and Intel blockchain-related efforts encompass studies examining blockchain metrics to address network bottlenecks that can cause gradual throughput problems. Both companies are similarly addressing precise hardware configurations in an try to outline parameters to create “technical requirements for character blockchain use instances,” the put-up notes.

As Cointelegraph has said, Intel has this summer season been specializing in privateness research in a partnership with decentralized software (Depp) platform Enigma because the latter prepares to release its blockchain testnet. Intel additionally has several blockchain-related partnerships spanning more than one industry, consisting of healthcare, and collaborated with digital forex hardware firm Ledger.

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Most software projects fail completely or partially failures because a small number of projects meet all their requirements. These requirements can be the cost, schedule, quality, or requirements objectives. According to many studies, the failure rate of software projects is between 50% – 80%. This essay is a compilation of failure causes by software development projects; this essay summarises several areas that play a vital role in software project failure.

So, what really is the reason for software project failure? The sad fact is that software projects fail because we do not recognize that good engineering principles should be applied to software projects just as they are to building office buildings. We try to defend ourselves by saying that software construction is “different.”

One of the most serious complaints against software failure is the inability
to estimate with acceptable accuracy the cost, resources, and schedule necessary
for a software project. Conventional assessment methods have always produced
positive results which contribute to the too well-known cost infested and
schedule slippage.

Over the last 20 years, many cost and schedule estimation techniques have been
used with mixed sensation due to restrictions of the assessment models. A major
part of the estimations failure can be due to a lack of understanding of the
software development process and the effect of that method used in the project
plan, schedule, and cost estimates.

Failure Case Studies 

Below are a few of the case studies considered, which will be analyzed to fetch
the main reasons for the failure of the software system.

Northumbria University developed accounting software to manage its day to day business
. The project could not come up with the desired results and failed to
meet the deadlines. The investigations showed that the basic project management
procedures were not followed. This case study is referenced in this essay at
different points where necessary. [1]

Thai subsidiary (SMTL) of a Hong Kong-based multinational company (SMHK)
engaged in the manufacturing of electronic equipment. They implemented an
integrated software package, which was a failure at several factors. These
factors were mostly management-related. Such as a poor fit between the business
process assumptions inscribed in the software and the business processes in SMTL,
poor leadership at different levels, cultural differences, organizational
environment, and poor human resource management.

St John’s Hospital is a District General Hospital that provides medical and
nursing services, which includes both general surgery and medicine.All these
services are supported by diagnostic imaging, laboratory, ambulance, pharmacy
and therapy services, which are all on-site. As the major hospital in a tourist
area, it deals with many visitors in the holiday season, generating a large
amount of non-booked admissions work.

Software Management & Leadership 

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It has been shown repeatedly that effective leadership is essential for successful IT implementation (Klenke, 1994). A leader must also have cultural sensitivity, communication skills, creativity, the ability to delegate, and the ability to develop and retain human resources (Luthans, 1994). The software manager at (SMHK) was a western, whereas the lower managers were Eastern. So there was a cultural clash going on always. Jack (Manager) always tries to introduce creative thoughts. And most of the time, the lower management could not do them. Hence there was a clash going on all the time.

Employees also felt that management hardly ever “listened” to their concerns
or attempted to address them. Consequently, many employees were eager to leave
the company and did so as soon as they found alternate opportunities in other

Project Planning & Scheduling 

Project planning means creating a work breakdown and then allocate responsibilities to the developers over time. Project planning consists of constructing various tasks, timelines, and essential pathways, including Gantt charts and PERT charts and different written plans for various situations.

It is usual in the software development process to work backward from the
project end date, resulting in complete software project failure. It is
impossible that a project can be completed efficiently from the planning stage
to the implementation stage.

Allocation of roles and responsibilities has to be clearly defined, and it
becomes crucial while hiring the stall from outside. University’s higher
management failed to apply the basic project management rules, leading to the
project’s failure.