From Beauty Editor To Skincare Mogul: Zoë Foster Blake Expands Her Beauty Business Into The U.S.


In Australia, Zoë Foster Blake is something of a family call. And now, the previous beauty editor, author of eight books, and skincare entrepreneur is rapidly turning into one of the new names-to-understand stateside as she launches her splendor logo, Go-To in the U.S. For the first time.

July marked a milestone for Go-To, while the all-natural, cruelty-loose skincare range made its U.S. Debut at Sephora, taking a prized role among some of the sector’s maximum sought-after beauty brands as a new addition to the retailer’s Clean at Sephora initiative. And Go-To has honestly come in a long manner – as a business that began in Foster Blake’s front room in 2014; Go-To is now to be had in extra than 400 shops across the states. It’s also the primary time the logo will be had through a third-birthday party retailer and via bricks and mortar points of sale. Until now, Go-To has been bought completely online, direct-to-consumer globally.

Foster Blake’s quippy, fuss-free approach to skincare (and beauty at big) has gained her dependable enthusiasts and customers the world over – which seems to come from each her entrepreneurial spirit and true information of what women (and guys) want about beauty products, having worked as a beauty journalist for more than 15 years, formerly as beauty director at Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar.

To be a Go-To purchaser (or even follow the logo on Instagram) feels a piece like being a part of the ultimate squad – whilst the goods themselves aid your skin, the content at the packaging and Go-To’s digital and social platforms are peppered with humor and wit. Even the collateral that frequently arrives in the post together with her products are smile-inducing, which includes a decal for the restroom reflect printed the words, “Holy sh*t you appearance perfect” – as though your quality buddy was looking again at you inside the mirror, cheering you on as you start and stop your day.

The journalist-became-beauty tycoon speaks to me approximately Go-To’s global enlargement, what’s next for her beauty empire, as well as some words of understanding for marketers with worldwide aspirations.

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Kate Racovolis: When you began, Go-To turned into it usually your purpose to grow the logo internationally?Image result for From Beauty Editor To Skincare Mogul: Zoë Foster Blake Expands Her Beauty Business Into The U.S.

Zoë Foster Blake: Honestly, no. The purpose turned into a tremendously short-time period: to make some beneficial pores and skincare and do the excellent viable job of it. Once we launched and the reception became superb, I started dreaming approximately where it could move, and U.S. Sephora turned into my pie-in-the-sky aspiration. As in, it will in no way happen, but also… Why now not secretly entertain the idea that it would? When they approached us remaining 12 months, it becomes an on-the-spot sure. It’s any such huge, thrilling leap forward for the logo to be launching into the U.S. – and our first bricks and mortar keep – with Sephora. Now let’s desire it really works.

Racovolis: How did the possibility of paintings with Sephora come approximately?

Foster Blake: Sephora requested us to be a part of their online and in-save supplying; we match perfectly into their new clean movement. I assume the email came thru when my (second) baby changed into a five-day antique. Our MD was like, “I know you stated now not to email. However, I think this is one which you’re going to need to read.”

Racovolis: This also marks the primary time Go-To may be had via third-party stores – and bricks and mortar. How do you watch this may add on your purchaser’s enjoy with Go-To?

Foster Blake: It’s so appropriate for clients who haven’t had a hazard to pattern the products or aren’t aware of the brand, and I desire that even in a sea of very mounted and talented pores and skincare brands, our playfulness, loss of bullshit and great stands out. Obviously, the downside of being a D2C skincare brand is that the sensory experience isn’t available till you’ve already bought. But now you can pop into Sephora and feature a squish and a swipe and attempt it our first. It’s great! We’re incorrect hands. Very supple, moisturized ones.

Racovolis: What became your motive at the back of promoting Go-To direct-to-patron until now?Image result for From Beauty Editor To Skincare Mogul: Zoë Foster Blake Expands Her Beauty Business Into The U.S.

Foster Blake: I began beauty blogging in 2006 and launched the primary splendor website in Australia in 2008, so I’d amassed an adorable following of very unswerving, beauty-centered virtual natives. It made me feel like me then to launch web-only pores and skincare brands. It allowed us to softly input the marketplace and experience the technique rather than experience the strain of overheads and sales from the get-go. I love the agility and client engagement it provides us and takes massive delight in playing with the consumer at each step of the system, from the packaging to the order affirmation emails, to the little treats we placed into each order.

Racovolis: Many of our readers are also entrepreneurs trying to expand their business internationally – what recommendation might you provide based totally on your personal revel in?

Foster Blake: Um, wait ‘til Sephora calls, I bet? No, appearance, I don’t assume I am the man or woman to ask. I am one of these insufferable in-the-now folks that really believe that if your attention on doing right paintings and making exact matters this minute, this hour, this week, then the future looks after itself. Have audacious goals; they give you gasoline; however, maintain your head and heart inside the present.

Racovolis: There are many options for males and females about deciding on splendor merchandise – and you’ve frequently referred to how people experience careworn about the splendor and which merchandise to use. How can brands stand proud of the gang? What become your method while growing Go-To?

Foster Blake: There must be a demand for what you’re making. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel. However, you must offer human beings something they want that feels useful to them, filling a gap. Know your target market, and think like them. Better but: be them! I make all my merchandise for me, cos I desired them. Also, and this is horrible advice, sorry, but don’t worry about the competition. I even have blinkers on. I do and make what feels proper to Go-To and me at that point, and I hopefully/naively believe that it’ll take paintings. If you’re constantly looking at what everyone else does, you will become paralyzed with insecurity and competitiveness: the herbal enemies of creativity and correct paintings.