Dexcom Share’s long-awaited Android app clears FDA

At long final, Dexcom’s Share app, which permits users to view and proportion facts from their G5 non-stop glucose video display units, can be to be had for Android users. The Android app simply now obtained FDA clearance, and the employer will roll out the app this month. The launch is a long time coming: iOS users have had get admission to the app for the reason that 2015.

“Providing Android customers with getting admission to to the Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System has been a priority for Dexcom,” Dexcom President and CEO Kevin Sayer stated in a statement. “The new Android app has been thoughtfully designed with consumer desires and comments in mind. It specializes in delivering generation that empowers users by placing crucial glucose records on their telephones and is well matched with the most popular Android devices currently within the marketplace.”

Regulated Android apps can be slower to the marketplace because, in contrast to iOS apps, they have to work on a huge range of gadgets from different manufacturers. Additionally, Dexcom has said within the beyond that the Bluetooth LE generation Dexcom Share uses wasn’t available for Android at the time the app was first developed.

Dexcom hasn’t been completely unavailable to Android users, however. The Dexcom Follow app, via which friends, family, and caretakers can access a patient’s CGM facts remotely, has been available on Android considering the fact that June 2015. Additionally, patient hackers were getting Dexcom facts directly to their Android Wear watches for some time.

At launch, the new app can be available on several phones from Samsung, Motorola, and LG, in addition to Android Wear watches.

IOS customers, in the meantime, got their personal little bit of news at Apple’s WWDC developer conference Monday, whilst Apple VP of Technology Kevin Lynch shared that the Apple Watch is including local Bluetooth so as to talk with third celebration gadgets, and Dexcom may be a few of the first builders to take benefit of the improve. Dexcom has an Apple Watch app for the time being, but it currently requires the phone to be in range. Now the Watch and the CGM might be able to communicate directly.

Getting a tool Daydream licensed is a documented method that any phone can apply for. Simply have an HD resolution which can run separate streams at 60 frames in keeping with 2d with a latency beneath 25 milliseconds.

Specifically, these modifications revolve around the imaging APIs that may be used from Vulkan and OpenGL. Android O could be higher at drawing information at the display in comparison to previous versions of Android. This will mean that the system of taking this data and turning into a VR enjoy can be tons more green.

Android O additionally improves the manner historical past methods are treated so this may additionally benefit VR and could see more devices see that Daydream certification as battery life becomes more efficient as an end result.

Google Android O developer preview 3 launched, confirms Android version 8.0

Google Android O developer preview 3 has started out rolling out, and it has confirmed that this model of Android may be dubbed as Android 8.0, and now not Android 7.2. According to AndroidPolice, the developer beta has been rolled out, and Android 8.0 is the version cited inside the ‘About smartphone’ phase of the phone. Of path, the very last stable build of Android O is someday far away from a formal launch.

android-o.jpg (1500×1000)

Google’s Android O-beta is to be had for everyday customers as nicely, supplied you have the proper telephone. The Android O-beta went live for users after Google’s I/O convention, and currently, Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C pill, Google Pixel and Pixel XL cell phone users can get this new OS on their phones.

To sign on for Google’s Android O Beta, you’ll have to go to google.Com/android/beta, sign up together with your Google account right here. Once this is achieved, your eligible device must be pondered on the list, and you’ll

Google.Com/android/beta, sign up together with your Google account right here. Once this is achieved, your eligible device must be pondered on the list, and you’ll should add this device to the Android O beta application.
Google says you can take the tool off the Android O beta list each time. However, before making a decision to do that, ensure you are taking a backup up of all the records in your smartphone. Once you delist the cellphone from Android O beta program, all records is erased from the device.In phrases of functions, Android O comes with capabilities like advanced battery overall performance thanks to heritage limits on apps, picture-in-picture alternative for apps like YouTube, Google Duo, in addition to progressed notifications channels.
The background limits will placed a few restrictions on what code apps can execute in the heritage, and this may enhance the overall battery overall performance. The photograph-in-image mode will permit users to maintain watching a video on pinnacle of different app home windows. Finally the notifications channels will supply users manage over the exclusive forms of notifications they receive with the option of blocking, snoozing notifications for a limited time. Android O additionally comes with guide for tremendous Bluetooth audio codecs inclusive of LDAC codec.
Having guided you through the now not-all-that-straightforward process of switching from Android to iOS, we’re back to inform you how to go within the opposite direction. (Make your thoughts up will you?) Going from Apple-powered devices to Google’s platform is both ridiculously clean or rather taxing, depending in your current setup.

Do you Google?
Good information in case you’re already closely invested inside the Google environment for your iPhone. You can switch to Android in an hour or two and preserve your evening free for seeing buddies or surfing Netflix. Otherwise, better cancel those evening plans.
Those of you who spend all of your time in Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Maps for iOS can clearly deploy the ones apps for your latest Android tool, sign in using your Google account credentials, and choose up wherein you left off. The equal applies for Google Photos and Google Drive.
Unlike Apple, Google doesn’t have a devoted app that will help you disorder to its mobile OS, but it does have a internet site with lots of the records you’re going to need: essentially you’re informed to use Google Drive to duplicate over contacts, pics, videos and calendar entries, which we’ll cover in extra element below.
If you’re thinking about switching from iOS to Android in the destiny, or want to switch mobile OSes on a normal foundation, then Google’s cloud-centric services make the assignment plenty easier—so your first-class off keeping all of your facts there. By assessment, the best reputable Apple app you can get on Android in the interim is Apple Music.
Messages and emails
Extricating your self from iMessage is perhaps the most important project dealing with the ones leaping ship to Android. IMessage doesn’t work on Google’s platform, and there’s no manner to export all of your message history right into a similar Android app. You’re going to have to mention goodbye to iMessage, however you may at least ensure a clean spoil. As soon as you already know you’re making the move cross into your iOS and navigate to Messages in Settings and turn iMessage off, then visit FaceTime in Settings and flip that off too. Apple’s complete instructions are here.
If you’ve got a few valuable iMessages or undeniable antique SMSes you can’t leave at the back of, you’ll need to rely on 0.33-birthday party software program and a few instead convoluted procedures to lower back all of it up. ISMS2droid promises to import messages from an unencrypted backup you made in iTunes on your computer into Android. If you don’t need the backup for your smartphone, then PhoneView (macOS) and CopyTrans (Windows) are two of many gear with a view to assist you to browse your old missives to your coronary heart’s content.

This OnePlus 5 function must be on each Android telephone

The OnePlus five is a wonderful value large-on-specifications smartphone that rivals the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8, however, its smallest hardware function is my private spotlight.

oneplus-5-black-5.jpg (1600×1200)

It has a mute activate the side of the phone, permitting me to instantly silence notifications without ever having to search for an on-screen Do Not Disturb icon.

Yes, a bodily mute transfer has me excited.

OnePlus calls it the ‘Alert Slider’, and it is a 3-step toggle between ring, do now not disturb and completely silent.

It’s something that must be on every Android telephone, but someway it is an unprecedented function that appears nearly one-of-a-kind to OnePlus 5 among contemporary Androids.

Why and when it matters

Having a bodily mute switch on a cellphone like the OnePlus 5 has been a minor, but significant convenience in all styles of situations for me.

1. The slick no-look-silence move in meetings

It’s clean to silence my phone while it’s in my pocket or flipped the wrong way up on a table in the course of meetings or dinner. I’m no longer that awful man or woman breaking eye touch for numerous seconds upon sitting down simply to press an on-display ‘do not disturb’ icon; I may be the only considering status up and leaving due to the fact you are.

2. Don’t be the one with a display screen-lit face within the theater

I’m also faster at muting my cell phone in the film theater without obnoxiously lights it up to accomplish that. I’m no longer the one with the screen lit face trying to show off their smartphone at some stage in the opening movie series. We can all see you!

Three. Avoid seems of scorn in the course of elegance or at speaking me events

I usually got in much less problem proudly owning a phone with a mute switch after I become sitting in elegance or attending a talking event. Contrast that to every time I used some other Android cellphone. Occasionally, my accidentally unsilenced telephone got one genuinely meaningless email – cue the loudest *DoDo-DoDo Do* ever – and I sheepishly had the appearance of “Oh… Yeah, it is – that’s me.”

Anyone shifting from an iPhone will love the OnePlus five Alert Slider. Apple has constantly used it, from the first iPhone 10 years ago to the iPhone 7 today.

When I requested Motorola (and other agencies) over time why their phones do not have a mute transfer, all I were given became, “That’s no longer an element we took into consideration”.

Other telephones should be inspired by way of the OnePlus five. The mute switch, to me, is a fundamental layout characteristic. I want to name and notification sounds on my terms.

More importantly, a whole lot of quantity-down mute solutions do not paintings except the cell phone is unlocked. That’s actually worrying (once more, display-lit face / you’re paying attention to the cell phone, not doing the no-appearance silence).

The One Plus 5 mute switch is an everyday comfort. I’m assured that my phone might not ring, buzz or beep whilst occasionally all I need is… A touch silence.

The OnePlus 5 may not be as reasonably-priced as the organization’s preceding handsets, but it’s one of the best telephones on the market proper now. An awesome camera, phenomenal performance, and a top class layout combine to make this a fantastic purchase for anyone searching out a greater low-cost flagship phone.

The trick to sending and receiving iMessages in your Android phone

If the simplest human beings you speak to are in your cell circle of relatives plan, you in all likelihood don’t ought to worry approximately iMessage compatibility. Your group either uses Android or iOS, and that’s the quit of it. Then there’s the relaxation of the arena, divided by proprietary software and every now and then lacking messages they desire they’d visible.

34e21618d668efa0-e1498156628851-2042x1024.png (2042×1024)

iMessage is Apple’s on the spot messaging service, allowing customers to ship texts, documents, pics, contacts, and organization messages over Wi-Fi while SMS/MMS messages aren’t to be had. It’s exceedingly handy—except you use an Android device.

Android users are frequently annoyed to find out they are able to get iMessages, main to oddly segmented institution texts and your one pal who in no way hears about the pool till it’s too late. Meanwhile, iOS users preserve looking to send iMessages to their Android-the use of pals who don’t get them. It’s a pain.

There is not any official way to get iMessages on Android in the intervening time so that you’ll want to get experimental if you need to have them.

How to get iMessage on Android
PieMessage is a special mission that’s in its “excellent alpha prototype” level of development, according to its builders. We do now not recommend trying to install it on your tool except you’re very experienced inside the nuances of Android and aren’t frightened of likely messing up your tool.

However, there a partial solution for Android users who already use the iMessage purchaser on their laptop and need so that you can use it to ship SMS messages thru their Android cellphone. You won’t be capable of ship iMessages from your Android on your buddies iPhones, but you may send your Android texts from your pics iMessages app for your Android cellphone.

SMS for iMessage is an Android app that securely routes your text messages out of your Mac’s iMessage consumer on your Android smartphone. During setup, the app will stroll you through the method of including your SMS for iChat account in your laptop iMessage client. Once completed, you’ll be able to send and acquire Android SMS messages out of your computer iMessage app.

There is, however, one capture. SMS for iMessage simplest helps you to send and acquire 5 free messages a day with out paying. If you’d want to textual content on your heart’s content material, you’ll need to pay $12.99 a yr for the Pro model of the app. Ultimately, that’s a low fee to pay for internal-cellular-ecosphere communication, but we understand it can be a sticking factor for a few.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like there will ever be a reliable manner to ship and acquire iMessages from your Android tool. If you’re savvy and bold, we propose trying PieMessage. Otherwise, embody the quirks of your atmosphere and understand iMessage become by no means surely yours, to begin with. Firefox released an Android model of its non-public browser Firefox Focus these days. It’s the software program enterprise’s answer to consumers’ choice for extra internet privacy with advert blocking off constructed in at the center.

The movement for more privacy has been growing over the years thru concerns exacerbated by using WikiLeaks, NSA spying, perceive theft, and extra. “We’re seeing customers play an active function in looking to defend their non-public information and keep precious megabytes on their facts plans,” Barbara Bermes, product manager at Firefox Mobile, writes in a weblog post.

Firefox Focus blocks ads by default, permitting a seamless revel in. It runs easily and is intuitive to apply, whilst the UI is an aesthetically-appealing ombre of pinks and purple. Its default search engine is Yahoo, but, fortuitously, customers can trade it to Google or the engine of their preference.

How to Use Snapchat

Snapchat has developed from being an app with a handful of obvious naughty uses to a social media platform in which you can each broadcast your lifestyles and watch content material from a wide range of sources. The messaging app’s capacity to allow you to manage the privateness of the photos and films you send become integral to its reputation. Updates to the app allow users to make organization chats, switch faces, share places in addition to vicinity voice and video calls. Power customers may even up their sport with Spectacles, Snapchat’s sun shades that characteristic an integrated digicam for snapping 10-second fish-eye-style films from the wearer’s point of view to upload to the carrier.

snapchat-stock-0959.0.0.jpg (1600×900)

Snapchat has grown to be so popular so speedy that there are more than a hundred and fifty million energetic users watching 10 billion motion pictures in step with the day. Brands like BuzzFeed, ESPN, National Geographic and People magazine have made their way to Snapchat, giving enthusiasts an interior take a look at what’s going on backstage. Here’s how to join up, get began snapping out pics and films and end up a Snapchat professional.

Snapchat will ask you if it is able to tap into your telephone’s contacts list. Unless you’ve got a burning choice to add buddies manually, we advocate you grant Snapchat this permission so that you can start buddy-adding. IOS customers may also be requested to go into of their cell numbers for less complicated looking; be concerned not, Android lovers, for you could add these statistics later — so long as the text-based totally verification is going smoothly for you.

Once Snapchat comes again with a listing of your contacts that it has identified as customers of the carrier, you may add them as pals by way of clicking the large individual-with-a-plus button to the proper in their names. If you want to cast off contacts (or block them) later, just lengthy-press on their names until the secondary menu pops up on your display screen.’

Once you’re on Snapchat’s main display screen, taking an image is quite easy for the ones who’ve ever used their phones’ cameras before. If now not, right here’s a brief guide: Tap a place of the picture you want your smartphone to recognition on. Tap the massive round circle to take a photo. Hold the large round circle to take a video.


The icon to the proper of the timer, a downward-going through the arrow, permits you to sell off the shot you just took into your smartphone’s traditional gallery. It’s beneficial in case you want to store your shot for destiny purposes, as there’s no other manner to achieve this once you’ve sent the photo out.

Tap at the stopwatch-like icon in the lower left and you may set the specific time that you want your picture to be available for a chum to view. You can move all of the ways from a blink-and-you’ll-omit-it 1 second to a maximum length of 10 seconds.

Tap within the center of the image, and you may upload textual content on the pinnacle of your photograph or video. Tap on the T icon to change the caption from a line to text to a larger brick of textual content. After you’ve got written a caption on your snaps, you could pass, pinch and zoom that textual content to the area it simply where you want. Before you can pinch and zoom your caption, you’ll need to have set the text to the larger font, by tapping on the T icon.

HOW TO Use the New Picture-in-Picture Mode in Android O

One of the most important new functions in Android O is an image-in-picture mode that helps you to watch movies in a floating window at the same time as you’re using other apps. Honestly, it’s superb and intuitive, however, there are a few ground policies you will want to learn how to grasp the new feature.

Android-Oreo-1.jpg (1268×664)

Only sure apps will offer full help for the brand new PiP feature while Android O formally rolls out later this year. Some capabilities are not patently apparent, either, like returning to the complete-display mode or disregarding the floating video window. So to remedy any confusion you could have, we’ll dig into Android eight.0’s new Picture-in-Picture characteristic below.


In order for Android O’s image-in-picture function to work seamlessly, video participant apps will need to be up to date. At the time of this writing, the most effective apps that have delivered full assist are YouTube and VLC — but hi there, at the least those are the two largest video apps.

For YouTube, you’ll need to join YouTube Red or Google Play Music to use the brand new PiP mode on Android O. For VLC, you may want to ensure you’re going for walks the cutting-edge version, then you’ll also should allow the “Play videos in history” choice inside the app’s settings menu.

Activating Picture-in-Picture Mode
As long as the app you are the use of has been updated to add full help for picture-in-picture mode, the use of the character is notably clean. While you are looking a video on YouTube, as an instance, simply leave the app by means of urgent your own home button or switching to a one-of-a-kind app, then the video will maintain on playing in a small floating window.

For VLC, it is a bit extra complicated. While you’re looking a video, press the menu button near the bottom of the display (tap your screen once if the menu overlay is hidden), then press the photo-in-image button. From there, you will be free to switch to every other app even as the video keeps on playing in PiP mode.

The relaxation of the PiP revel in should be fantastically intuitive. If you want to transport the window, simply drag it to a niche that suits you better. If you need to close it out, you’ve got alternatives — either tap the video window, then press the “X” button, or drag the window to the very bottom of your display and permit go.

In reality, tapping the floating video window will deliver up a complete set of controls and reason the PiP frame to increase slightly. After doing so, you may be able to pause playback or skip to the following video, and in case you hit the whole-display screen icon within the center of the window, you will be taken back to the video app where you started.

Overall, it’s a first-rate new characteristic, but we would love to look many extra apps add a local assist. We’ll stay on the lookout and replace this guide whilst famous video apps add support, however until then, make sure to percentage your mind inside the comment section beneath.

Watching YouTube video is one of our favorite pursuits on an Android telephone or tablet, however doing so out of a variety of a Wi-Fi hotspot can place a heavy burden on a cell facts connection. Thankfully, you may use an app consisting of Tubemate to down load YouTube video for offline looking. (Also see the way to download YouTube to an iPad or iPhone, and a way to download YouTube to a PC or pc.)
Because Google would not precisely approve of you bypassing its platform for looking video (also see is it a felony to down load YouTube video?), you won’t locate Tubemate in Google Play. Nevertheless, it’s a unfastened app that we will show you a way to sideload in your smartphone or tablet.
In publishing this tutorial we do no longer suggest the downloading of copyrighted films from YouTube, and in our examples, we’re using simplest video from our personal YouTube channel.

Pegasus: The remaining spyware for iOS and Android

Apple iPhone and iPad users generally trust they’re secure as iOS has additional encryption and facts protection features to shield user information, even in instances wherein other parts of the security infrastructure have been compromised. There’s no malware for iOS, they say. Apple does little to discourage the impact- the “fruit enterprise” doesn’t even allow antivirus answers in its App Store, because, you understand, allegedly they’re no longer needed.

The keyword here is alleged. There absolutely is malware in the wild that targets iOS users — it’s been proved some of the times, and in August 2016 researchers proved it once more by way of revealing the lifestyles of Pegasus, spyware capable of hacking any iPad or iPhone, harvesting facts about the victim, and establishing surveillance on them. That discovery made the whole cybersecurity world uneasy.

At Kaspersky Lab’s Security Analyst Summit, researchers from Lookout revealed that Pegasus exists not most effective for iOS, but for Android as nicely. The Android model is different in some approaches from its iOS predecessor.

Pegasus: The starting

Pegasus became discovered thanks to Mr. Ahmed Mansoor, a UAE human rights activist, who passed off to be one in every of its objectives. It becomes a spear-phishing attack: He acquired several SMS messages that contained what he idea had been malicious hyperlinks, so he sent the ones messages to protection experts from Citizen Lab, and they introduced every other cybersecurity company, Lookout, to the research. Mansoor became right. If he had clicked, his iPhone could have been infected with malware – malware for iOS. For non-jailbroken iOS, to be precise. The malware was dubbed Pegasus, and Lookout researchers referred to as it the maximum state-of-the-art assault they’d ever seen on any endpoint.

Pegasus has been attributed to the NSO Group, an Israeli agency whose bread and butter is developing spyware. That method the malware is industrial — it’s offered to whoever is willing to pay for it. Pegasus relied on a whopping three zero-day (formerly unknown) vulnerabilities in iOS that allowed it to silently jailbreak the tool and deploy surveillance software. It is modular malware. After scanning the target’s tool, it installs the essential modules to examine the user’s messages and mail, listen to calls, seize screenshots, log pressed keys, exfiltrate browser records, contacts, and so forth and so forth. Basically, it can undercover agent on each factor of the target’s lifestyles.

It’s additionally noteworthy that Pegasus could even listen to encrypted audio streams and read encrypted messages — way to its keylogging and audio recording talents, it turned into stealing messages before they have been encrypted (and, for incoming messages, after decryption).

Another interesting reality about Pegasus is that it tries to cover itself genuinely diligently. The malware self-destructs if it isn’t always able to speak with its command-and-manage (C&C) server for greater than 60 days, or if it detects that it became established on the wrong device with the wrong SIM card (recall, this is targeted spying; NSO’s clients weren’t going after random sufferers).

The Android model could be very much like its iOS sister in phrases of its talents, however different in phrases of the techniques it makes use of to penetrate the device. Pegasus for Android does no longer depend upon 0-day vulnerabilities. Instead, it uses a well-known rooting method called Framaroot. Another difference: If iOS version fails to jailbreak the device, the whole assault fails, but with the Android model, even if the malware fails to attain the vital root access to install surveillance software program, it will nonetheless attempt at once asking the consumer for the permissions it desires to exfiltrate at the least a few records.

“When news of the iOS model of Pegasus was given out, Apple turned into short to react. The agency issued an iOS protection replace (9.3.5) that patched all three of the aforementioned vulnerabilities. Google, which helped look into the case with the Android version, took every other path and notified capacity Pegasus objectives without delay. If you’ve updated your iOS devices to the brand new software model and haven’t acquired a warning message from Google, you’re likely safe and no longer underneath surveillance by using Pegasus.” Said Mr. Altaf Halde, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab (South Asia)

However, that doesn’t imply that there may be no other but-unknown adware round both for iOS and Android. And the lifestyles of Pegasus proved that iOS malware is going beyond badly coded adware and ransom-annoying websites, which might be pretty clean to block. There are a few critical threats in the wild. We have 3 easy pointers right here which will live as safe as feasible:

– Update your gadgets on time, without fail, and pay unique interest to safety updates.

– Install a terrific safety answer on each of your devices. There are none for iOS, however, we hope that Pegasus will make Apple rethink its coverage.

New cell app that tracks hydration level developed

A new mobile app which appropriately calculates hydration tiers has been evolved to assist athletes and non-professionals improve their overall performance all through competitions and strenuous sports. Developed with simple information enter choice for correct outcomes, the person-pleasant app features a GPS which allows the outdoor temperature to be factored into the very last outcomes. The app helps calculate the proper quantity of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) hydration pills required to be consumed with water to stay hydrated.

fitness-1.png (1408×704)

Based on a person’s activity, period, depth, weight, outside temperature and plenty of different variables, the app appropriately calculates the exact quantity of ORS required for the frame. “Whatever the climate and the depth of the exercise, hydration is a crucial element for performance. Before a competition or a strenuous hobby, it’s miles vital not to drink too much or too little,” stated Arsalan Karim, Director, Research and Development, Clinova Ltd, a UK-primarily based healthcare enterprise which advanced the app.

During and after exercising or a physical hobby, it is essential to atone for the water and salts misplaced through perspiration by ingesting ORS hydration pills, Karim said. The app is primarily based on findings from several studies and become advanced with the remarks from well-known carrying personalities and expert sporting clubs. Showcasing a number of functions, it lets its users choose form 39 physical activities and activities.

While the app allows calculating the proper quantity of ORS hydration pills required to take with water to properly hydrate your body, it also enables you to determine your hydration tiers, Karim said. ORS drugs are a balanced formula of glucose, electrolytes, and minerals which while brought to water assist hold top-rated hydration for individuals.

Most specialists agree that devices reason-constructed for video (video cameras, DSLRs, prosumer cameras) can capture better video than smartphones. However, they’re now not constantly smooth to carry and now not as versatile with regards to immediately connectivity. This is where smartphones play a critical function -the linked nature of a phone way that you can do a lot greater than just size video.


Cinema FV-5

This app offers entire manipulate over settings whilst taking pictures a video. You can regulate publicity, ISO, white balance and even the metering mode for a video.There are a couple of options for deciding on video consciousness mode (autofocus, macro, face detection, contact attention). You even pick out format, video decision (relies upon at the smartphone competencies), bitrate, frame rate and color channels.Also, there may be an option to transfer between audio resources for the video (integrated mid, outside mic and Bluetooth mic).The Lite version of the app limits video resolution and recording time -this could be removed by means of shopping the Pro model for Rs. 150.


If you need to make creative motion pictures and experience that the default camera app is limiting you, then this unfastened app is the answer.The app lets you upload cinematic consequences in your video -there are over ninety special effects ranging from horror, sci-fi to catastrophic consequences. The best catch is that you will need to in my opinion down load the special impact of your choice of the app first. The app calls for you to align your digital camera with the layout of the outcomes (marked via pink lines within the preview) for best consequences -you can even select the effects accuracy, video filters and sound results for each video. After the video is processed, you could proportion it together with your buddies from within the app or keep it to cloud garage -a duplicate is robotically stored in your cellphone.

A tree-trekking minister and one-of-a-kind mobile sign memories

“Hello, hello. Can you pay to interest me now,” shouted a person as he waved his cell telephone in the air, hoping to seize the elusive signal. It didn’t artwork. He gave a forlorn study his cell telephone. That look of desperation as one hunt for the cell sign is quite not unusual. There is extreme awareness at the face of the mobile cellular phone user as he stares at the sign energy. There are times whilst human beings are capable of a squeeze in a word or two in advance that the signal is going away. During the one’s instances, one certainly does carry out quick, crisp, pithy conversations. “Paunch gay. Pahunch homosexual ” said a bus passenger in exasperation and saved the cell phone firmly lower again in his breast-pocket. “Awaaz to aa Nahi Nahi, our kya boron,” he muttered to extraordinary passengers who sagely nodded.

HIGH16475_153163.jpg (1200×800)

In truth, the hassle is now so not unusual that human beings did now not even bat an eyelid whilst union minister of the nation for finance Arjun Ram Meghwal climbed a ladder positioned in opposition to a tree in order that he must speak to a professional. In all equity, the mobile cellular telephone alerts do no longer in reality care approximately the high and the effective. It is quite a social equalizer. Whoever you’ll be, some aspect may be your historic past, if the signal is decided to play disguise-and-are in search of with you – it’s going to do so. There is that this younger girl who remains in an upscale South Delhi apartment complex. She has to expire of her home whenever she needs to talk. The cell alerts are rather strong within the drawing room, but there is no signal in her kitchen. One precise sofa draws the high-quality sign – such are the quirkiness of the cell alerts. Then there can be Chop in a hill station referred to as Mukteshwar.

There is a roundabout in whose middle there can be a raised platform with a flag pole in it. If you show up to move there, the quality manner to capture a sign is to climb up the cement platform and lean in competition to the flag pole. Voila! You will be in a function to talk.


An Islamic State (IS) sympathizer, deported by Saudi Arabian government in April, married a medical pupil from Uttar Pradesh over the cellular phone in 2016, his interrogation has discovered.

The wedding ceremony became carried out as in keeping with “right Islamic rituals” despite the fact that the 2 had in no way met, Amzad Khan (37) informed the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

They may want to have met in Saudi Arabia where the lady turned into getting ready to go after completing her research, however, Khan, who worked at a grocery store there, turned into arrested before this.

The interrogation file accessed by using HT says Khan had married earlier than and had youngsters whilst he started out chatting with the 24-year-antique pupil on Facebook and web utility Nimbuzz in 2011-12.

“Initially they mentioned approximately Ahl-e-Hadith (an Islamic faculty of concept) and Islam as she was inclined in the direction of Hadith. She was impressed with his understanding and fell in love,” states the record.

Khan influenced the scholar to sign up for IS and stay an Islamic existence in Syria as he confident that one “can stay in Syria with a circle of relatives without going to battlefield”.
Due to contacts, Khan had maintained with IS recruiters earlier than he abandoned the concept, of his brothers working in Saudi, have been held. They have been later launched but Khan became arrested on September 26, 2016. On April four this year, he became deported.

The Shift

The son of an Indian Railways technician, Amzad Khan had to drop out after matriculation as a result of financial hardships. In Rajasthan’s Nagaur, he opened a public call office (PCO) but due to his father’s debts, his own family bought their residence in Ratangarh and circulate to Bikaner. In 2005, Khan traveled to UAE and worked at his uncle’s enterprise from in which he moved to Saudi Arabia in 2014.

Initially, Khan considered the IS with suspicion but whilst the phobia organization launched 46 nurses stuck in Tikrit, he became impressed. He commenced listening to radical preachers, inclusive of UK-based Anjem Chaudhary, and shortly found himself in Telegram chat rooms with IS sympathizers. He then established touch with Yusuf-al-Hindi and expressed his wish to enroll in IS.

Supreme Court Stays Removal of Mobile Phone Towers Near Rajasthan Prisons

The Supreme Court on Monday put on preserving a Rajasthan governments order directing mobile phone operators to eliminate their mobile towers from inside 500 meters of prison premises throughout the state.

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The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) informed the pinnacle court that the excessive courtroom, whilst it passed its order, changed into no longer advised that the August 31, 2012, coverage which barred set up of mobile towers within 500 metres of jail premises was outmoded by way of a February 6, 2017, policy.

The February 6 policy of the State authorities accepted putting in cell towers not best within 500 meters of jails but additionally on public and personal locations along with parks, playgrounds, hospitals, schools and government-owned or -managed homes and lands below cultivation.

However, this coverage turned into amended saying that the permission for putting in place cellular towers ought to not take delivery of in those areas/premises if barred by way of a competent court.
This situation was blanketed through a modification made on February nine.

The cell service carriers had sought direction that they have to no longer be asked to dispose of the towers nor would the authorities take steps to seal them or take any coercive steps in opposition to the cell carrier providers.

It had said that the order could impact eighty lakh subscribers because the complete exercise would contain elimination of four hundred Base Transceiver Towers (BTSs) which includes Base Station Controllers sites which can be further catering to 2,500 BTSs.

A holiday bench of Justice A.K. Sikri and Justice Deepak Gupta stayed the order as senior suggest Kapil Sibal told the bench that removal of cellular towers might have an effect on eighty lakh human beings and would have a cascading effect.


NEW DELHI: A 17-12 months-vintage female changed into severely injured after a biker dragged her with the aid of the hair for nearly a hundred meters whilst she tried to withstand his bid to snatch her cell phone in northeast Delhi.

The incident occurred on Wednesday nighttime whilst she turned into on foot to her house from Ashok Nagar. The victim is a salesgirl at a tailoring save in Jyoti Nagar and is the only breadwinner of her circle of relatives. Her father had died a year ago.

When she reached Loni Road, guys on a motorcycle stopped in front of her and one of them snatched her mobile telephone. When she hung on to the phone, the only riding pillion grabbed her ponytail and requested his partner to power. She becomes mercilessly dragged for almost 100 meters until she permits cross of the cellular cellphone.

The girl hit her face and head on the street in the course of the snatching incident. “I started bleeding profusely from my head and face and pleaded to the snatcher to let me go, however, he hung on to my hair until a number of it ripped off,” said the sufferer.

A few passersby quickly started chasing the snatchers. One of them caught the collar of one of the snatchers and pulled him off the motorcycle. The teenagers, later diagnosed as Sagar, become thrashed and surpassed over to the police. The lady determined her cellular cellphone lying on the road.